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Realize GIF animations and enhance them with various effects
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Honeycam is a software program that puts users imagination at work by offering them the tools to create animated GID files and apply them various effects and customizations.
The installation process lasts under a minute and can easily be completed by any user, no matter their computer knowledge. Once you've installed it, you discover a modern interface, with well-delimited page sections, nicely crafted menu buttons, and two skin themes. The customization options are quite limited while the menu buttons do sometimes feel clunky.

The embedded features are well-implemented and quite consistent. Users can create GIFs by recording videos on their desktops and then add various enhancements. Therefore, you can edit frames, resize, crop and add video filters. A cool aspect is that once you've selected the file you want to edit you are also able to pause the video and analyze certain frames. Last but not least, Honeycam offers users two watermark choices. They can either choose a text or an image while being able to edit the size, color and text font.

To summarize, Honeycam is a program that comes equipped with lots of useful functions that can suffice the needs of all kinds of users. It's very fun to use it but you may have to pay in order to enjoy its full features.

John Saunders
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  • Comes with a Watermark feature
  • Has nicely crafted buttons
  • Has two skin themes


  • Has a consistent price tag
  • Lacks advanced customization options
  • Buttons feel clunky
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